Awaken your senses with aromatherapy!  

All our Candles come with Crackle Wicks, which means you can enjoy their Crackle & Pop when lit along with their beautiful fragrance.  What could be better whilst reading a lovely book on a quiet evening than the lulling crackle of your  beautifully scented candle? 

 One candle can fill up a 2,500 sq space with the soft fragrance. 

 Each candle is Hand Poured right here in the Sweet, Sassy, South in Conyers, Ga.  

 Best of all, they are also available in Travel Size Containers 

Now you can take your favorite fragrance anywhere.  They're always available on the road, work or vacation.  I always carry a small container candle when we travel since hotels or condos sometimes smell stale. 

Grab a matching Linen Spray, light a candle, set the mood, then spray your linens and snuggle into softly scented sheets when you wind down in the evening.

8 oz